Anti-Skid, protective LiningĀ 

Ensure your vehicle is ready for any weather condition when you choose the products from Perma-Coat Industries. Providing chemical-resistant protection, our anti-skid lining in Columbus, GA, is a top choice for every type of ride. Shop with us today to discover the perfect options for each of your needs.

Low Cost Start Up

Start up pack of productsThe Perma-Coat Cartridge System is ideal for automotive applications, creating a permanently bonded protective barrier between your vehicle and the outside environment, protecting your investment from rust, dents, scratches, and chemical corrosion. Unlike drop-in liners that promote payload slippage and allow moisture and dirt to get trapped underneath and cause rust and corrosion, our abrasion-proof coating sets in seconds, conforming to every curve of your vehicle for immediately use.

By using our sprayed-on bedliner to protect your vehicle, you can extend the life of your ride and even increase its NADA/Blue Book re-sale value. Additional applications for our environmentally-friendly anti-skid lining include the following:

  • Truck Bedliners
  • Utility & Equipment Trailers
  • Horse & Boat Trailers
  • Delivery Truck Floors
  • Ramps & Steps
  • Van & SUV Interiors
  • Jeep & Four-Wheeler Body Restoration
  • Industrial & Commercial Equipment Bodies
  • Travel Trailers
  • Motor Home Roofs
  • Dump Trucks

High UV-Stability
The Perma-Coat Cartridge System is one of the highest UV protection bedliner systems available in the industry. This UV and chemical-resistant protection keeps the bedliner from ghosting and allows it to keep its original color.

Rapid Cure
The hybrid polyurea chemical that the Perma-Coat Cartridge System delivers undergoes an exothermic reaction when mixed together in the static mixer. Once it is sprayed out of the air-assisted head, the material sets up in a matter of seconds, conforming to every curve of you vehicle with a durable bond that is ready for use immediately.

Mobile Applications
Perma-Coat Cartridge System is the lightest spray-on hybrid polyurea system available on the market today. The system is completely air driven, making it ideal for mobile applications where other machines cannot deliver.

Replacement Parts That Fit Your Budget
Due to the extreme self-contained simplicity of the Perma-Coat Cartridge System, it has very few replacement parts. All parts that require replacement are relatively inexpensive, meaning you will not stress over the cost of hoses, fittings, pumps, or other equipment.

Easy Maintenance & Cleanup
All equipment parts that come in contact with the hybrid polyurea are quickly and easily removable and disposable making the Perma-Coat Cartridge System the easiest anti-skid lining in the industry.

Color Options
Available in a full range of colors, the Perma-Coat Cartridge System is the best protection for your application needs. This vehicle protective barrier comes in eight standard colors, with hundreds more to choose from for your ride. It is the most economical solution to professional-grade applications where an anti-skid, chemical-resistant, abrasion-proof coating is absolutely necessary.

Contact us in Columbus, Georgia, to add our anti-skid lining to your product collection. Our materials are available for purchase nationwide.