Rust Protection 

Waset Expo 2016At Perma-Coat, we offer a wide range of different products for clients nationwide. Our options for rust protection allow companies in the waste industry, as well as many other industries, to protect their equipment. Turn to us to learn how our water-resistant coatings can help you safeguard your business.

The Perma-Coat Solution
Perma-Coat’s industrial coating is being used in numerous applications in the waste industry. Waste companies today are aware that the appearance of their trucks is more important than ever. When you are looking for ways to improve and maintain that appearance, choose Perma-Coat Industrial coating solutions. Perma-Coat can be top-coated with our specially-developed urethane that will bond directly to our coating. It will not peel off, allowing you to match your waste hauler color with a UV stable color.

Spend a Little, Save a Lot
Perma-Coat’s Industrial Coating can prolong the life of dumpsters an average of 3 times the regular lifespan. Just apply Perma-Coat to the bottom and partially up the sides of all dumpsters. The small investment in Perma-Coat protection can save a tremendous amount on repeated bottom replacement cost.

Solution for Leachate
As communities are cracking down on Leachate, our non-porous coating can solve this issue facing waste haulers. By using our industrial coating services on the bottom of your dumpsters, you will prevent Leachate from seeping and spreading.

For Recyclers
Our coating is proving every day to be a money saver by greatly reducing the need for recycling bin repair or replacement. By using this coating, you will do away with the risk of rust over time.

Contact us in Columbus, Georgia, to choose the right rust protection products for your needs. We feature water-resistant coatings for clients nationwide.