Welcome to Perma-Coat Industries

A fast growing coatings company that prides itself on old fashion service, where every customer, big or small, is very important.

My Name is Jeff Kennedy and I founded Perma-Coat Industries in 2008. I've been in the coatings business since 1997 and started out by doing spray-on bedliners at my truck accessory store. Not long after, I acquired 50% ownership in the national bedliner company that I represented at the retail store. I opened those doors in 1985, and 27 years later, I still run the day to day operations. Check us out at jeffstrucktops.com

I started Perma-Coat because I became aware of the need for an affordable, yet durable coating for industrial applications. I still sell coatings for pick-up truck bedliners as well. In the industrial field there are so many possible applications, and the benefits for these companies using Perma-Coat, are infinite. Where ever there is rust or corrosion, Perma-Coat can be applied and start saving those companies dollars on replacement costs or yearly re-painting. No job is too big or too small. We offer equipment and chemicals to do any size job.


Our fastest growing, most affordable and easiest system to operate is our Cartridge System. Please take the time to check it out. You can do big or small jobs with this low cost equipment. No need to purchase and handle 55 gallon drums that have to be kept warm. With the Cartridge systems, cartridges come in case quantities of 6 and can ship as non-hazardous with our specially developed hybrid polyurea 100% solids formula. It's also easier and less expensive to make this system mobile than it is for the larger system. Now, if the job is just too big for you to change out a lot of cartridges, then we have a full line of Graco equipment that can be used.

So, please check out what we've done so far in the following pages, and bear with us too as our business grows, we will continue to add to our web site as well. I guess what I'm saying is... Check back often! Thank you for your interest and hope to talk to you soon.

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